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A very nice old Louis Panormo guitar belonging to Paul Downes, well known folk musician. He's owned it for 50 years and wanted it made securely playable.

The soundboard is in excellent condition, but I can find two thin cracks that need closing up. The body too is in excellent condition and has all three bone buttons which Louis Panormo usually provided. The machine heads are labelled Rance.

The bridge is lifting as the thin metal strip can be pushed between bridge and soundboard. The bridge also has some damage.

The bridge being glued back in position.

String length: 633mm
Overall Length: 933mm
Width of upper bout: 227mm
Width at waist: 175mm
Width at lower bout: 287mm
Height at upper bout: 90mm
Height at lower bout: 93mm
Nut width: 47mm
Weight: 1.120 kg