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1838c Panormo 1838c Panormo

An 1838 Louis Panormo guitar which is played regularly is in the workshop to cure buzzing on some of the frets.

1838c Panormo 1838c Panormo 1838c Panormo

The fingerboard proved to be very flat with hardly any relief. Very delicate fret dressing was needed to lower a couple of high frets. The danger was that removing too much of the frets would result a need for a complete re-fret.

In the end, the owner was satisfied with the work and is now, Summer 2021, using the guitar for recording.

It is interesting to note that the 1838b guitar has a serial number 2251, one earlier than this guitar and that while most of the frets have been replaced at some point, the top 6 frets appear older and of more brass like colour.

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