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The guitar as it arrived in the workshop in May 2022 for restoration. It will be kept in the family for use of a young talented musician. The body is Brazilian rosewood. The fingerboard is also rosewood but may be Indian rosewood.

1840 Panormo 1840 Panormo 1840 Panormo

The bridge has come away from the soundboard and only has four bridge pins. Fortunately the remaining two of these well preserved pins were found inside the body. The label is clearly read through the sound hole.

1840 Panormo 1840 Panormo

The tuning machines which are fitted have narrow barrels (the metal rod around which the strings wind) and are made for steel stings, not nylon or gut. Looking carefully, the sides of the peg head show holes where two previous sets of tuning machines have been fitted, first, the original wide barrelled set, then a narrow barrelled set, followed by the present ones. I intend to fit proper classical guitar machine heads.

String length: 632 mm
Overall Length: 936 mm
Width of upper bout: 230 mm
Width at waist: 176 mm
Width at lower bout: 287 mm
Height at upper bout: 94 mm
Height at lower bout: 99 mm
Nut width: 46 mm
Distance between 12 fret and 1st string; mm
Distance between 12 fret and 6th string; mm

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