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The guitar as it arrived.

1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo

Note that by this date, the address on the label is overwritten.

1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo

All repairs to the body were done through the sound hole as there was no need to remove the back. Much time was spent ascertaining that nothing was loose inside. Thin hardwood reinforcement plates were needed below the bridge, as in the 1834 and these were put in place through the sound hole. Some cracking at the waist was reinforced with linen, the cloth stained a dark colour to be less obvious.

Strung up with light tension strings the instrument did not resonate well and it was apparent that the first three frets needed to be replaced. At first I thought the frets to be made of silver sheet, but the local jeweller soon proved that incorrect. Another local craftsman identified the metal as nickel silver and drew pieces of an old EPNS (Electro-plated nickel silver) spoon into sheet of the required thickness.

1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo

Restrung with Savarez Red strings, the instrument responded very well and the three new frets appeared the same colour as the original ones.

In December 2010 the restoration is complete and the guitar will be put up for sale.

1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo

String length: 630mm
Overall Length: 935mm
Width of upper bout: 227mm
Width at waist: 175mm
Width at lower bout: 285mm
Height at upper bout: 92mm
Height at lower bout: 99mm
Nut width: 46.5mm

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