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The guitar is practically identical to the guitar previous 1849 Panormo, number 1967.

Externally the guitar appeared to be in excellent condition, but it had developed some problems. The first was a distinct buzzing or rattle when the guitar was played. This was not always apparent and its appearance seemed to depend on the weather. Second, the rosewood sides had split in several places. Lastly, one of the bars on the back had a small crack.

The rosewood sides had been repaired on many occasions and some of these repairs had been reinforced with parchment and paper which was no longer cleanly attached to the inner side of the ribs.

I closed the cracks on the ribs, reinforced these repairs with linen, repaired the broken bar and spent hours making certain that earlier reinforcements were well attached to the inside of the guitar. Most of the work was inside the guitar so there are few photos.

I don't know which repair cured the rattle, but it was gone when the guitar was restrung with Savarez Red strings. In the spring of 2011, the owner was very pleased to have the guitar back in working order.

1849 Panormo 1849 Panormo

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