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A restoration done in 2012 for a Oxford guitar player who recently found this guitar in a car boot sale!
It does happen.

The guitar as it arrived, with a split in the soundboard, many cracks to the ribs, a rather bent neck and some cheap varnish applied to the soundboard.

1830 Panormo 1830 Panormo 1830 Panormo

I could hear a lot of loose things inside and had to remove the back. The guitar had a purfling along the edges which had to be removed to get to the back. Some of the purfling came away in one piece. The back came off relatively easily but the bars on the back remained attached to the body of the guitar. Once again, this saved more of the purfling.

1830 Panormo 1830 Panormo

Several cracks in the sides were repaired. This was the largest. The cracks are reinforced with linen.

1830 Panormo 1830 Panormo

Repairs to the back bars. Not shown are all the repairs to the underside of the soundboard, straightening the neck It's not so straightforward to replace the back and glue it to the body when the back bars have remained with the body.

Not shown are all the repairs to the underside of the soundboard, splinting the soundboard crack, straightening the neck and the painstaking removal of the cheap varnish on the soundboard. Most of it lifted using a piece of paper, but some bits were more difficult.

1830 Panormo 1830 Panormo

The bridge was relatively undamaged and almost certainly original. Lovely work, Mr. Panormo!The bridge pins are modern.

1830 Panormo

The guitar was strung with Savarez Red strings.

1830 Panormo 1830 Panormo

String length: c. 634mm
Overall Length: 926mm
Width of upper bout: 227mm
Width at waist: 174mm
Width at lower bout: 285mm
Height at upper bout: 88mm
Height at lower bout: 93mm
Nut width: 45.5mm

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